Explorer.exe resource hog??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dcdlking, Feb 18, 2002.

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    Every now & then my computer will become real slow, I check sys resources and find the explorer.exe is using 99% CPU!!! I may be running like 3 or 4 programs, not enough to cause any slowdown at all. There is a way to get around this, END explorer and then restart it, but when it does that, certain programs that were minimized to the sys tray become invisible and cannot be access even though they're still running. <<any ideas>> help would be awesome, thanks for any input ;-)
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    Thanks for the info bud.
    I have norton but not installed... i'll install it later after i defrag my drive. It probably is a spyware virus cuz i have lots of progs running that i bet use spyware , aka AudioGalaxy :mad:

    let ya know what goes on~
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    nah, this isn't a virus...explorer did this to me before...it will randomly hog all the resources...and you have to close it and re-open it and sometimes it still does it...not sure why, still searching for an explanation
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    An Idea

    If there is something wrong with your explorer.exe file, u could get windows to replace it from the cd, now i expect there is a shorter way around what i am about to say but here goes

    Click Start
    Run then type %systemroot%\system32\Restore
    (u need to have system and folder options enable to see the next file if u don't know how to do this post and i will explain)
    Open Filelist.xml in notpad and add this line above

    Click Start
    Run then type %systemroot%\system32\dllcache
    Find explorer.exe in that folder and u should now be able to delete it.
    Copy that file first incase it all goes horrbile wrong

    Download resource hacker from

    (does html work on this forum?)

    Open resource hacker and open explorer.exe by browsing to the windows folder. Now change a string value say change where start is written on string 37 and 38 to Finish.

    Now go control alt delete to bring task manger up go into the processes part displable explorer.exe.
    Now open resource hacker by clicking
    in the task manger on applications and click save when windows askes if u want to replace the dody copy click yes.

    Well thats my long way of doing it i expect that someone will post a way of doing that in a couple of lines
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    Get Ad-ware with the new file signatures and do a complete scan to find all the spyware hogging your resources!
    Link to Ad-ware: www.lavasoftusa.com
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    i got that ad-ware shit, it didn't find anything, i'll try the above mentioned method, i haven't looked into it yet, cuz i'm too tired, will do a test tomorrow, thanx for input ! ;-)
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    you can just goto a cmd prompt and type sfc /scannow :p
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    Thanks have not tryed it i new there was a quiker way but didn't know how so i throught i would post the long way of doing.