Explorer.exe keeps restarting!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jdb264c, Nov 22, 2002.

  1. jdb264c

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    My explorer.exe just keeps restarting! It started yesterday while moving files between my to hdd:s (both IBM, rather new) and it just gets worse and worse. Whenever I try to open mediaplayer or move files it restarts! Any ideas?
    I'm running XP Pro without SP1 on an Athlon 1.1, 256 DDR, ATI Radeon VE, Creamware Pulsar, SB Live.
  2. Oh dear this doesn't sound good at all.

    Have you tried scandisk, defrag etc?
  3. jdb264c

    jdb264c Guest

    Yep, did a defrag from norton, a scandisk and used Easy Recovery Pro without any luck. And what's even worse, System Restore doesn't work!
  4. Henyman

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    i had that prob a while back.. i looked in event viwer + all it said was the shell stoped unexpectidly + explorer.exe was restarted. doesn't do it now though:p i couldn't find any like but it stoped after about a week so i dont worry:D
  5. jdb264c

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    Ok, so I'll just wait a week :)
  6. Henyman

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  7. ChrissiCom

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    If you have a legal version of Windows XP (what I hope) get Service Pack 1 and the bug will be fixed. For Windows 2000 this error is fixed with Service Pack 3.

  8. Shamus MacNoob

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    you could try

    A system repair ....go through the steps as if you wanted to install XP and at one point you will see an option to repair NOT REINSTALL ... the repair is a great way to fix alot of little bugs that are happening .....it does not remove any programs nor even an email you wont loose anything at all when you repair ....try it might just fix those problems ;)
  9. Burpster

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    if not legit ...please consider this a feature and not a bug :)
  10. jdb264c

    jdb264c Guest

    I'll try installing the sp1, thx!
  11. Trinity

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    It could be a heating issue too, especially since it sounds like it's affecting a variety of your programs. Crack open your case and make sure your fans are all running ok and check the processor fan especially!! Touch the cpu heatsink you should be able to put your fingers on it and it shouldn't be too hot.
  12. ^^^Defintely try this suggestion because now it's mentioned i remember any of this type of problem I had on Windows 98 allways turned out to be a heating issue.

    Nice one Trinity!
  13. hawk

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    I have had this problem too in the past (for the most part at least). Microsoft and I narrowed this problem to complications with the shell in XP SP1 and in my case it was Adshield. If you are running this, remove it and the problem 'should' be solved. The people at Adshield don't know why this happens but I too had these rediculously annoying shell restarting messages. If you have anything running that interferes with Explorer's normal functioning, I would recommend removing it to see if that helps.

    As for my case, nothing I tried besides this worked. Unfortunately, I didn't have a repair option on my CD (the file versions for my version of Windows are different than the ones on the CD I used for installing) and I didn't reinstall because that takes too long to restore settings and there was no guarantee that it would work. After all, Adshield isn't crucial to my system's running. Reinstalling SP1 did diddly squat and there were no system restore points back before the problem began.

    If anyone thinks of any other solutions I would be happy to hear. I had posted something in the past which no one bothered to read.

    Good luck with your problem...
  14. Kevin Ar18

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    There is a way to separate the Windows Explorer and the Explorer (aka taskbar/start menu) into separate processes so if one crashes the other won't. -- although in this case it might not help since Windows Explorer seems to be the one crashing.

    I takes up more memory, but you are interested, I know the tweak is configurable using FreshUI.
  15. jdb264c

    jdb264c Guest

    I just installed SP1, tried to move some files and so far it works, although there was some annoying stuttering in winamp meanwhile. If this doesn't do it, the heating issue seems like a good shoot.
    Thx everybody, I'll keep in touch!
  16. jdb264c

    jdb264c Guest

    Damn it, it happened again, while trying to open a .avi-file. The mplayer started with no probs but explorer.exe restarted...
  17. jdb264c

    jdb264c Guest

    It seems as if it occurs more often when my computer has been on for a long time so the heating could be it. On the other hand, why would the particular app windows explorer restart and no other app because of heat?
    I don't have my XP-cd here, but I have my laptop. Is it possible to just copy that explorer.exe to my stationary?
  18. XP Abuser

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    i had that problem with explorer restarting unexpectedly it was a dll file (ntdll.dll) which was pissing about and caused the restarting of explorer i nailed it down to norton internet security 2002 and 1 of its updates through live update im not sure if it was the update or combination of other thing but it seemed to be every time i updated it and as for the heat problem it wouldnt affect just explorer it would freeze the whole system (usually) and would freeze mouse pointer too!

    try running sfc /scannow in the run prompt that should route out windows files
  19. jdb264c

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    Cool, I'm using both NAV and Norton FW, maybe I should uninstall them and try something else, it seems as if my problem is similar to yours, thanx!
  20. jdb264c

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    Nothing worked; changed firewall, Easy Recovery Pro can't find anything wrong with the hdds, upgrading win media player did nothing, system restore couldn't restore and system recovery from the xp-cd didn't work, so I'm going to format tonight.
    Wise of previously formats, I just wanted some remindings of what files to keep as it always seems to be some file that I forgot to save. I've saved my bookmarks in IE, saved shell32.dll for all icons, and saved emails. Also saved some .ini-files for mIRC, ftp-progs etc. What else do you guys (and girls) make sure you save before formatting?