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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SportinSS, Aug 5, 2002.

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    Hello everyone i'm using Exchange 2000 server and I have someone on the network that wants to forward there email to there yahoo account. How can I do that :confused:? I'v been looking every where and I can't seem to find anything. :D
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    email it ?
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    The user can create a rule that forwards all or some of his mail to any address... I am currently not in an Exchange evironment, but look somewhere in Outlook under Tools for Inbox Assistant or Rulez Wizard (depending on his Outlook version).

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    Well I'm wanting Exchange to do the work.. .. But I think I found it anyway..

    First create a contact in active directory with an SMTP email address of the internet based email account you want to forward to. Next create a mail enabled user account (or modify an existing one) for the mail box you want to forward from. On the properties of that user select the Exchange General tab. Click the Delivery Options button, click the Forward To option and select Modify. The Contact you have just created will be available in Active Directory and the mail will be forwarded to the SMTP address you gave it.

    Easy really!

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