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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by goch, Dec 2, 2002.

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    Can any one tell me the cause of a problem i have windows98 SE & WinXP with outlook 2000 installed. And lately we installed exchange 2000 when ever i want to do a name checkup in outlook profile for exchange it gives me an erroe.. NAME COULD NOT BE RESOLVED. I reformated machine reinstalled office 2000 but it is still the same..
    any advices will be appriciated..
    Thanks in advance
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    Is this an error you get when accessing your exchange server or when you open Outlook 2k ? Also where is this echange server located. Is it something you have access to or is it a company's server?
    More info is needed
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    PseudoKiller, thanks to your reply. Actually I have a Win2000 server machine with Exchange 2000 installed and two Win98 & XP machine with Outlook 2000 installed in my office. When I add exchange in my Win98 & XP machine and do a name checkup in outlook profile. It return me an error: NAME COULD NOT BE RESOLVED... ... Any advice? Thanks in advance.
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    On each of your workstations you need to make sure your network settings are correct on the NICs.

    Just because you can surf the internet does not mean they are correct.

    Set your NIC to go to a preferred DNS address and make sure that DNS address is the address of your server. This forces the command to go directly to the exchange server to resolve the name you are sending.