Excel problem when copying and pasting

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    Excel Question:

    Why is it when I copy my work from one excel document with dates in it. Along with other things i.e currency using the copy command it pastes the wrong dates in the field.

    I.E 3/2/07 becomes 3/1/02 Whats more weird is both spreedsheets retain the same formula yet the date is total different even with the same formula. I got no clue why.

    But when I copy then paste in notepad then paste in excel theres no problem.

    Sorry just a weird question for you excel experts. I don't understand the reason for this.
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    Based off of what you said, it seems to be taking some formatting with it that it shouldn't? Doesn't make much sense, but I do use Notepad a lot for just the reason you describe. For example, when copying/pasting something from a website, document, spreadsheet whatever - I always go to Notepad first to strip the formatting and attributes. If it works after you go through Notepad, I think something is coming that messes with your new spreadsheet.

    Something to try, instead of a straight CTRL + V I am pretty sure there is something like a "Paste Special" in Excel

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