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    I go this game with my SONY is it worth bothering with?

  2. Bootsy

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    unless you dont have an addictive personality
  3. Zino

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    Well, you are about 2 years behind release, and a ton of imformation for you to learn. You have quests upon quest, and in reality alot to learn.

    You also have the disavantage of Gear (gear is what you dreass your character with "armor" in other words), which is quite needed for EQ.

    There is also the factor of time...Unline any other game to which you can lets say just spend an hour perhaps a day plaing, EQ demmands 5 or even more hours a day (specially when you reach the end game) to make anything happen; furthermore, you requre the help of lots and i mean lots of people to help you go through a long journey across the land of Norrath.

    In other words, if you dont have a friend who is playing already and can give you some gear, and also you willing to spend some hardcore time playing this game, dont even bother.

    You can try reading about the game at www.everquest.com, and eq.castersrealm.com for some game information and guides about how to play each class, etc, etc, etc.
  4. Scottish

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    played EQ for 2 1/2 years.... its not worth it in the end,
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    Isn't it completely subscription based and if you do build up an awesome character you can eventually sell it on ebay?

    Is that the right game ?
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    thats the one £8.50 a month and after a few years you have a **** hot character you can make like $700
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    If you try it, start on the "Fennin Ro" Server. You will know what I mean when you start. That's where I play, shoot me an e-mail and I will try and help you out.