Ever wonder what the media is not telling us?

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    Here are some links to web sites that report the story behind the story. If you ever wanted to find more information on a subject in the media and did not know where to look? Here you go. Warning! If you are easily offended on some political subjects I would advise you not to click on these links. I have read these web pages for a while and find them to be correct in more than 95% of what they report.


    Ever wonder what your kids are being taught in school?

    Has your kid been denied his rights or freedoms?
    You can also go here to sign a petition to protect your children from porn.

    Here's a web site that will show you on a map where the Islamic terrorist networks are in America! Shocking!
    Click on news alerts. You will find a bunch of information here through the links on this page. Information you won't see on the news.

    Here's a link that has other links on just about anything with Hillary Clinton.
    This is an example of some of the information you can find at
    www.newsmax.com a previous link.
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    Thanks for the links. :cool: