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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by omega2, Feb 11, 2003.

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    I was reading the EULA for Windows XP Pro academic edition, and I have a question about it. It says something about that you can buy and use it if you are qualify for it. Does this mean that students can continue to use it when they finished their educational studies? Or does this section mean that you can buy it during the time you are in a qualify educational institution, and that when you finished, you have to upgrade (or should I say re-buy) to the regular version?

    Also, what is the difference between the academic version of windows xp pro and the regular one (the one you would normally buy in store shelf? Is the only difference in the CD art work? Or is there actual difference in the file itself on the CD?

    Why to companies make their EULA so complicated to understand?
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    :p The hardships of having legal software :D

    I'm not quite sure of the answer to your question Omega, but as to complicated EULA, I suppose because of all the laws regulations and restrictions they have.
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    I would say that if you bought it legit then a change in circumstances does not affect your using it. People in their last year of schooling can purchase windows this way & I don't think uncle Bill would expect them to stop using it because a year later they might have a job. As for the differences I don't think there would be any. And the Eula. Well make sure you read it on everything you install as some software now contains some type of spyware. Can't remember what it is but I didn't like it when I found out about it.
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    I bouthg an officeXP academic license and the it guy selling it to me told me I could use the software even after I graduated. you just have to be a student at the time of purchase. so, I guess the same goes for winxp.

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    i thought that it was a student version as it is reduced which helps out students cuz thyre poor as it is and also they are a big customer section so it makes sense