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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Elroy Jetson, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Elroy Jetson

    Elroy Jetson Little Dipper School

    Adelaide, Australia
    New Eudora email client is out.

    CHANGES FROM 6.0 TO 6.0.1

    Added option to ignore the date contained in junk messages and use the
    arrival date instead.

    For users who don't quit very often, junk will now be trimmed periodically
    on a manual mail check.

    Fixed case where junk score column would sometimes be blank for individual

    Fixed display of attachments when some Outlook messages are concentrated
    by Content Concentrator.

    Warning message is now displayed when plugin attachment is clicked and
    multiple messages are being displayed.

    Fixed bug where Eudora could crash when replying to multiple messages
    with the preview pane turned off.

    Fixed case where attachments wouldn't be displayed properly when Eudora
    encountered encoded message body parts that didn't end with CRLF.

    Fixed adding SSL certificate to trusted list via IMAP (broken in 6.0).

    Fixed case where Eudora would display the wrong message in an IMAP

    Fixed one problem where IMAP error messages were not be presented to
    the user.

    Format Painter now correctly handles fonts.

    Fixed case where sorting with "Group by Subject" could sort incorrectly
    when changing the "Sort by" column.

    Fixed bug where Eudora could hang when queuing or sending a reply to a
    message with an invalid URL.

    Fixed bug where the preview did not update to show the selected message
    if the message was selected while previewing was off.

    Fixed bug where the selected message was not scrolled into view when
    previewing was turned on via Tools->Options.

    Fixed bug where the message selected after a manual filter transferred the
    previously selected message wouldn't get marked read automatically after
    5 seconds (if appropriate given user's settings).

    Fixed reply and forward quoting of only the selected text in numerous cases
    (replying with stationery and the preview pane, forwarding to an address
    book entry with the preview pane, replying as a given personality with a
    message window).

    Fixed certain cases where "Select newly inserted messages (FUMLUB)" option
    would not scroll the new message into view correctly.

    Fixed crash when displaying a message with a spoofed Attachment Converted

    Decrypted messages (e.g. Entrust or PGP) are now saved in a better format
    so that attachment icons are no longer broken.

    For security purposes, Eudora now deletes attachments and embedded images
    associated with decrypted messages if the user chooses NOT to save the
    decrypted message text.

    Attempt to fix continued reports of cases where certain McAfee virus
    scanning products cause Eudora to repeatedly fail to complete email
    downloading when the user receives an infected email message.

    Fixed "Redirect To" filter action to properly set "by way of" for "From:"
    attribution (broken in 6.0).

    Made it easier to buy Eudora from the web or an ad in Eudora.

    Eudora's toolbar icons now look better, particularly on monitors with more
    than 256 colors.
  2. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    I like this app except for a couple of things.
    • It crashed every three seconds
    • it did'nt do html very well
    • The attachment feature sux
    Other than those it's a nice app ..
  3. vern

    vern Dominus Political User Folding Team

    Minnesota, USA
    Used Eudora Pro for years, until recently with Outlook 2003. I'll probably never go back.
  4. Elroy Jetson

    Elroy Jetson Little Dipper School

    Adelaide, Australia
    been using it for years, too, after pmail. have tried all different kinds, now, including outlook and mozilla, and none of them beat the features of eudora. it handles html just fine if you use the ie extension, is extremely stable, has excellent junk features, enables you to selectively delete mail of the mail server (in pop3 mode, and no other application can do that), and: is much less vulnerable to hacks compared to outlook.

    each to their own. EJ ;)
  5. coathanger007

    coathanger007 Tomorrow Tweaking Today

    Never got used to the cluttered UI. Prefer Thunderbird.