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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Franky, Dec 5, 2001.

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    I have this box an amdk6 2 witch I use for webdesign but I like to hear some music doing this you know BUT whenever I scroll or use the sidebar in IE6 it scrambles my music :( I updated my drivers with the latest but no go even I even had to roll back because they where wors then the once I had I got ess allegro for a sound system it came with my compaq presario 7478 running xp for 5 month's now and alway's scrammeld music even after a complete reinstall aka format c: :rolleyes:

    does any of you guess know wath to do

    Greetz Franky
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    I'm impressed you got XP running on that K6. XP is really next generation and systems will really need to be built to accomodate it rather then vise-versa. My guess is that your issue has to deal with the "C" word - compatibility. If everything else is working ok, get a radio.
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    I have the same problem on my Compaq Presario 7478 with the ESS Allegro sound drivers/chip. I have not found a fix for that yet, and it is REALLY annoying.

    I run WinXP with no noticible slowdown on a 533MHz K6/2, 256MB RAM Desktop and a 333MHz K6/2, 160MB RAM Laptop.

    On the Desktop, i have had no problems with drivers, and the comptuer as a whole (Compaq Presario 7478) is listed on Microsoft's HCL for WinXP. The laptop's (Compaq Presario 1260) internal 56K modem does not work because of driver/BIOS conflicts, but i just swiped a 56K PCMCIA modem from work and that one runs fine.

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