Errors even on installing XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by whatswithXP, Apr 2, 2002.

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    I've recently put together a system and am having problems right off the bat. I did initially have XP installed fresh and running alright for about a day until problems like BSOF and bizarre self-rebooting starting happening.

    I've read in a few other forums that my particular mobo is the source of the problem. The specs:
    Asus TULS-C (chipset 815EP board)
    Pentium III 800EB
    512 ram
    WD 40 Gig 7200
    Maxtor 10 G 5200
    Jaton 3DForceMX 64M vid card (geforce technology, have you heard of this card??)
    SoundBlaster Live 5.1
    Tower is an ATX 400W.
    :p well that's all I can type from the top of my head

    I keep on getting blue screens like there's no tomorrow, what in the world is wrong with my newly bought system? I can't even get to the point of downloading updates for my hardware cuz I can't even install any OS. Even 98 messes up, it says stuff like error copying a .dll file and reboots.

    Oh god help...
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    We will need the stop codes that you are getting when you get a BSOD to be able to help you. Will look something like this-->(0x000000) with a description of some kind.
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    Did you do any tweaking to you RAM settings in BIOS? Set everything to default in your BIOS settings. If that does not work switch out your RAM, is it cheapy RAM or a good name brand like Corsair Micro or Century? I had the same problem with a 512MB PC133 stick switched it out for a 128MB PC100 and it all went away. It turned out that I was pushing it too hard in BIOS, reset to default settings reinstalled the 512 and it worked fine after that. Went back into BIOS and tweaked it slowly. Still ticking. My 128 stick was a Century and the 512 was an Apacer brand. Sometimes the no name one cause problems, or it's just a bad one. It happens.