Error Using Network Wizard

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ~Cybele~, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. ~Cybele~

    ~Cybele~ Guest

    Okay, I have xp pro (just fresh installed it) on this computer, and my other computer has xp home. I have the computers connected via nic's.
    Every time I run the 'network wizard' I get this error (attached picture).
    Any ideas?
  2. waddy

    waddy OSNN Senior Addict


    Have you got all the latest updates from winupdate ?

    Also a good program to run is DOC memory , its free and damn good ....

    also you can go to a command prompt and type sfc /scannow

    and that will repair any system files that are corrupt

    hope that helps

  3. ~Cybele~

    ~Cybele~ Guest

    Thanks. I have it up and running now, for some reason it had 'Guest User Account' set to off.