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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sisterpete, Feb 23, 2003.

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    running win xp home. trying to delete some folders and files in windows explorer. i get this error message when i try to delete a particular file. i go i to the folder and look, but can't find anything... just like the error says... there's nothing there by that name.

    i have deleted everything in the folder except one file, a word file with a totally different name


    i cannot delete it. when i select it and hit the delete button, nothing happens. i right click on it, but all of the regular right click options are not there.. no cut, copy paste, no delete...

    one option that is there is open, so i open it.... word opens up, but there is no document that opens... just the blank gray screen in word.

    i don't get it. these folders were copied over to this notebook as a quick backup from our main pc which is running win xp pro.

    any ideas???

    here is the error message.

    cannot delete 112920~1.doc: cannot find the specified file.
    make sure you specify the correct path and file name.

    i have dozens of these folders that are doing this, all of them have different files in them, but the symptoms are the same.
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    See how this goes>

    Open note pad/file/open. Navigate to the folder/file, highlight it & try deleting it.
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    View hidden files - then try to delete it that way,, if that don't work, go into safe mode as administrator and delete it that way.
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    Open a command window, navigate to the folder and try this command

    DEL \\.\112920~1.doc

    This syntax bypasses the typical reserve-word check. The problem in the case of this file maybe that it has somehow got a not standard filename.