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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Franky, Jun 5, 2002.

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    since my last tread was closed I'll have to start a new one :rolleyes:

    Problem --> I have a LEGAL office xp english and a LEGAL dutch windows xp both MY PROPERTY (i've payd for them)

    Untill now I've used a not so legal version of windows xp english so I wouldn't get in trouble because of the difference in language

    Now the question! Can I install the both together and have no problems or should I go and buy a dutch office xp ? I ask this because of sp1 blocking the know illigal cd key's

    Ooh and now I use xp pro in a network is this the same as my legal home edition ? or are there significant diferences ?


    p.s. dont think the worst out of people from the start give them a chance not a closed tread ;)
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    We try ;)

    All I can suggest you do is give it a go ;)
    I can't remember what languages are built into my copy of OfficeeXP and perhaps there are various updates on both windowsupdate and officeupdate to get you sorted.

    Let us know how you get on.
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    If you don't mind to change the language settings in IE before updating (otherwise you go to straight to the Dutch Office update page :eek: ), and if you don't care about the (Dutch) 'Spelling and Grammar' options, i think you should keep your money in your pocket and stick with the English version.
    I have a Dutch Windows XP and a English Office 2000 and i never had any problems whatsoever. And i have tried a 'not so legal' (English) Office XP for a while, also without any problems. Although i couldn't install the SP1 (or was it SR1?) update, but i guess that's because of the 'not so legal' thing. :rolleyes: Maybe it's my imagination but i even think the English versions are more stable then the Dutch.
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    yeap , there are some major differences in network case between XP Pro & XP Home ... read microsoft guide ..
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    Using here an English version of Windows XP and a Dutch version of Office XP, which I both legally obtained from M$ himself! Wanna swap, Franky? (you English versions and I Dutch versions?:D )