Enable CDROM Auto Insert Notification

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by singwei, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. singwei

    singwei Guest

    My CDROM Auto Insert Notification has been disabled by one of the software i installed.

    Although i had set the option in "Auto Play" tab under the cdrom properties, it did not work..

    so, how to enable the CDROM Auto Insert Notification in Windows XP so that when i put a disc into cdrom, computer will auto run the cdrom program....????
  2. shoulin

    shoulin OSNN Addict

    right click the cd drive in my computer.... then go to properties, then go to the "AutoPlay" tab

    hope this helped :)
  3. singwei

    singwei Guest

    no, it did not work, i try to do everything under the "autoplay" tab, it still not worked....
  4. Cairo

    Cairo Guest

    goto >> control panel >> Administrative Tools>>Services

    Return the service to "Automatic"