Emergancy! I need help fixing my partiton table!! HELP!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ThePunkerGuy, Apr 26, 2003.

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    EMERGENCY! I need help fixing my partiton table!! HELP!

    Hi, i really need to fix this partiton table so i can get back into this hard drive. I have no idea at all os of how to fix a partition table. Here is what a program called Runtime's Disk Explorere gave me for my invalid partition table. This was a 20gig Western Digital 7200RPM ATA100 hard drive with a single FAT32 partition on it with windows xp before it got screwed up.. it got messed up when swapping computers, and some other junk.. I dont need to make it bootable again, but i need windows to be able to recognize this partition.. right now it just says "Cannot Access G:\ The Parameters are Invalid. Please help!!


    - Mike
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    Re: EMERGENCY! I need help fixing my partiton table!! HELP!

    Well the reason they are "invalid" is that there is no information as to where on the drive the partition starts and ends as well as the relitive sectors. You would have to have precise information to do a manual repair that only a HD engineer would know. So unless you can find a drive repair utility, I think your screwed. If you have to have the data off that drive you will probley have to send the drive to a data recovery company, costs about $400 to do it.