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    Maybe you can help me out here. I'll explain the best I can.
    We have two computers in the office.
    Backoffice has 2 connections, One is an unsecured internet. 2nd connection is an internet connect the corporate office took over. So all internet traffic goes through them

    Front desk computer has the Corporate internet.
    They have blocked all Charter communications ports.
    The gal at the desk can't use any email client. Emails wont recieve or send.
    Logging in to the web email allows her to check email but not send email.

    So what she has to do now is create an email on the web interface, save it as a draft. Then go to the back office, then load up the webmail and send it.

    What I wan't to do is create a way for her to send email using the back office computer. (Yes, they are networked so you can see each computer)

    Remote desktop in XP works and she can use Outlook Express, But that logs the person off in the backoffice.
    Is there a way I can set it up so the person doesn't get kicked or lose control? Or perhaps when she runs Outlook express it will send using the other computer?