EFF to Clear Channel: Suck it

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by VenomXt, Feb 15, 2006.

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    I allways like to see clear channel hurting.. Even in a small way..

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    Why doesn't it surprise me, that Clear Channel would in on something like this... Is there any reason for anyone to really like Clear Channel? They bought out the stations, increased the number of commercials to the point that a drive home could be one long commercial break. Then I've seen reports of Clear Channel or their stations having been involved in acts of vandalism, as well as having dressed up as escaped convicts and created a public panic, which this same article refers to...

    Then when some people were in protest over some of Clear Channels business practices, this was their responce...


    And then we have this... Umm, wasn't the whole argument against music downloads and stuff supposed to be about artists rights, as opposed to that of the moguls at the RIAA, the recording industry, and media conglomerates such as this? As is, artists only get a small franction of the profits made off the sale of their own CDs and the like. This leaves concerts as one of the few venues they have, for making money off their own music. And yet now, Clear Channel is trying to take this away too. :down:
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    I've grown affectionate of my DRM stripping application(s)

    I'll do however I please thank you ;) hehehehe