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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by purush, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. purush

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    Please ! can anyone tell me where to find the Platinum version of Easy CD Creator ? I can't afford to buy one really. Someone sent me a version that does not update to the latest version which is 502c, and so I deleted the darn thing. Many thanks if you anyone should consider to help. Happy New Year to all of you nice guys
  2. existenz

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    what do you mean?

    You want the full version of Easy CD Creator???
  3. AmarSingh

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    this is the wrong forum if you are looking for warez
  4. Wizz

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    Why using it?


    Why r u using this program? Win XP has a build in writing program ya know... BTW I had Easy Creator too, but it wasn't very good...

    Happy writin' ;)
  5. purush

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    The build you are refering to, does it work as good as ECDC ? lots of people are suggesting to use ECDC or Nero I have not tried Nero. Just thought to go with the flow. After all you are the experts here and it is good to get a bit of advice here in this nice and friendly forum. Thanks for taking your time to reply.
  6. Guybrush

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    East CD Creator and Nero

    I'm running both Nero 5.5 and Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum at the moment. Both work OK but out of the two Nero is far less troublesome. EZCD was a bitch at first to patch etc for Windows XP

    Have you tried Morpheus to try and download both packages?