Dynamic vs Basic Disk Structure

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Sage, May 18, 2002.

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    Under WinXP which is a better disk structure to be using - presently both HD are NTFS partitioned and basic. Is there any advantage to convert the HD to simple and dynamic? I checked the MS Knowledge base (Q314343) and there several other references to this topic. But my question is does one structure have advantages over the other? (other than partitioned can be read by other versions of windows, while dynamic is limited to Win 2000 and Xp)
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    There is no benefit of dynamic over basic other then if you set it to dynamic you can use winxp's software to merge 2 dynamic disks together so they look like one disk. it can also perform software raid functions, but other then that there is no performance advantage of one to the other.
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    Thanks for the info tt000 - but please check the dates on the threads as this one has been dormat for over 7 years. :)