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  1. canadian_divx

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    ok i tryed to use this prog to copy my ISU school project EVE and when the copyed cd is played(one made with DVDxcopy) it stays at a screen

    this is a back up

    it states the law and all, a lot like the amercian FBI screen but it does not go anywhere, has anyone encountered this before???
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    Are you trying to copy a dvd that you bought or a backup of a dvd?
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    I have not had any problems with burning a dvd that is from a store.. I havent used that proggy for anything other then dvds. If your movie is not in dvd format but is in .avi or .mpg there are many programs that will burn that file to a vcd or a svcd.

    I'm not sure i anwsered your question, but more details would be easier. thx. ~Supp