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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Blyx, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Blyx

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    Hey everyone,

    Has anyone tried out that DVD copying software from 321studio...dvd x copy?

    I was curious to know if anyone has tried it and what they thought of it...I've got kids and they're murder on my video collection so making back-ups of them would be fantastic.

    thanks for your help.

  2. jawshoouh

    jawshoouh Guest

    i use it. takes a while to burn DVDs (1x or 2x), but it makes perfect copies.
  3. Zodiaq

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    jawshoouh...Does it copy DVD-9 also? I mean menus, chapters, subtitles etc.?

    If that's the case that would be too cool:D

    I have to see it to believe it;)
  4. Zodiaq

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    Blyx...I just checked out the DVD X Copy site...They're not exactly being honest.

    This is a quote from the website "Every backup copy you make with DVDXCOPY is EXACTLY like the original. Nothing is compressed or left off the disc".

    That's a lie...maybe if you were to copy DVD-5(<4.38GB) but that would be impossible for DVD-9(Dual layer >4.38gb) without changing the bitrate to compress the video stream or split to 2 DVD-R(who wants to do that?). DVD-R will only hold 4.7GB...in reality around 4.4GB.

    I would think twice before running out and spending $100 dollars when you can use the tried and true methods using freeware. I have backed up about 90 DVD's now and they are all perfect.

    Take a movie like Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Titanic, The Green Mile and many others, they can be backed to 1 DVD-R without any noticeable difference.

    Just remember the old saying "If it sounds to good to be true it probably is" Good Luck
  5. Blyx

    Blyx Guest


    Thanks for the information...any suggestions on other software titles to use...I suppose it is a moot point at this time since there are no 9 gig dvd-r (right?)...or drives capable of such burning...any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

  6. Gus K

    Gus K NTFS abuser

    The program does exactly that, it is not a lie.

    The movies you backed up are not 'perfect' copies, you have made many compromises to get them to fit on one disc. And all the work involved does not make sense to some. Many like DVD for the extras they provide, not just the movie.
  7. Zodiaq

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    Blyx...here is all the info you'll ever need...


    Gus K....Ok, Maybe it is an exact copy, but they fail to inform you in their advertising that you would have to split MOST DVD's to 2 DVD-R.

    I guess that's where I feel they are being deceptive.