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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by DFX, Apr 6, 2003.

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    Toshiba 2x/16x SD-M1102 DVD-ROM. I was wondering, would, lets say, getting a 16x/40x DVD-ROM and then a fast CD-RW be a good choice, or will 2x DVD do all I need? I only use DVD for film, not data.
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    I would recommend getting the fastest dvd playback speed you can...

    I have a 16x dvd player... and it doubles as a 52x cd-rom... which helps when I am multitasking... burning cd's et al...

    2x is slow.. unless it is a dvd-burner and BURNS @ 2x and reads @ 16x... in which case it is a decent deal :)

    but yah... if not a burner... get as fast as a player as you can... no need to bottleneck yourself... :)

    it is good for movie playback as well. to have a faster dvd player...
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    1x DVD is all you need for DVD video. It's the same with CD audio 1x. BUT in the future you'll find more and more data placed on DVD's and for data purposes the faster the DVD player the quicker you can get to your data. The standard stand alone DVD player is 2x the more expensive models are around 4x.
    For around $100 dollars you can buy this: LG 4320B 32x10x40x CD-RW / Combo 16x DVD, EZ Creator Software & USB2.0 Cable for a Laptop upgrade or Portability.

    OR if this is for a PC: GCC-4480BB Internal EIDE/ATAPI 48X/24X/48X CD-Rewriteable/16x Drive With One Year Warranty for around $70 @ [url http://www.store.yahoo.com/maximpc/lgel48cdco.html[/url]

    I'd check www.pricewatch.com for prices.
    Although the firsts guys responce is the best a DVD reader and a seperate CD-R/RW drive costs more but it's tragic when you put all your eggs in one basket and it get's a hole! My preferance is get 2 drives.
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    if price is an issue buy a liteon you can get a 16x for about 40 bucks and it comes with power dvd good deal :)