Dvd Software Anyone?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by body electric, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. Hiyah,
    just burned down my laptop and installed XP pro on it. It's a compaq presario 1700 model with dvd rom. Compaq uses there own DVD software encoder for movies and such but, they don't have it available. Does anyone know where I can download a dvd player without it being trial or having to pay?
    I just direct DVD is cool, but, as you know it's a trial.

    anyone? anyone?
  2. McCoy2k

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    i use "PowerDVD" but u will have to pay for it or crack it..
    it works VERY good... but if you dont want to crack it or pay.. try goin to download.com type in dvd player and download a free program.
  3. xontroulis

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    Here is a good and free DVD player that also works with XP.

    It is called MicroDVD
  4. Tdoan14

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    DVD Software

    I use Power DVD too but I heard there's a free program called Maximus DVD but i haven't tried it.
  5. McCoy2k

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    i've tried a few dvdplayers including windows media player new and classic.. but their not good. cuz they cant play some formats or have problems. such as freezing after 5 minutes of playing the movie. powerdvd plays everything i have smoothly and with ease, like spiderman - starwars epi.2 - lord of rings.. all svcd's n such
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    DVD Players can't really be free as the software they contain has licenced technologies form dolby etc.

    I favour WinDVD atm, tho PowerDVD is also nice..
    Either way I only use the directshow filters that come with them to power Media Player - more specifically Zoom Player.
  7. mbunny

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    Zoom Player is a pretty nifty DVD Player. That and its free.

    Do the DVD region free trick in the other post to play other region dvd's.

    PowerDVD is good because of its extensive sound options.

    How many players do u know that have Dolby Headphones?
  8. Just installed Power DVD and well, this is by far the best DVD software I have used!

    thanks again Eolis!