DVD-ROM Vibration

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by robsta4, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. robsta4

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    Hi Guys,

    I was just wondering if any of you out there know how to get rid of, or at least reduce DVD-ROM drive vibration. I have got a Pioneer 106s slot in model. The problem is that whenever a CD or DVD sits idly and slowly rotates the noise from vibration is stupidly loud. It isn't a faulty drive because I have had it replaced once with the same results. Is there anything you can adjust in Windows XP that can change the drives idling speed? I know its probably a strange topic, but its driving me mad!!!!


  2. allan

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    That's definitely not normal operationg procedure. It may be unique to that model drive, but there's nothing xp can do to control it.
  3. mathew

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    bash the drive a little,, it stops the vibration on mine,,

    seriously i punched the front of my drive when it vibrates and it go's
  4. Akash

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    all cd devices vibrate
    question is have you properly fitted it in
    its probably your case thats vibrating with the device and the noise is the metal casing hitting each panel.

    check its firmly in and check the panels are in properly too

    my pioneer dvd rom did just that when i modified my case
    put thumbscrews in replacing the tradtional screws and its fixed because obviously theres tighter fitting.
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    Thanks for your suggestions guys, I think that it is probably the casing vibrating as akash suggested. I will try some tighter fitting screws and see what happens.
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    the year 2525
    if ur using cheap and nasty cd rw's they can be well out of balance makes me puter jump about if i use cheap crap.
    even some new games come on cd's with labels that cause it to wobble in the drive.. just like a car wheel that needs balancing to stop ur arms shaking off at 70mph LOL
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    Yeeeeeeesssssss. I seem to have got it sorted at last. I have placed two strips of card between the drive and cage to seperate the metal, and tightened the screws right into the card. I have tried the biggest culprit CD and there is no vibration whatsoever!!!! Thanks for the suggestions guys.