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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Tdoan14, Feb 12, 2003.

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    for the first time yesterday, i used dvd decoder to rip one of my dvd's, it all worked well but when i played it it was in french... anyone know how i can get it to english?
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    check the options in the program you use. Be sure to check the audio track and subtitles.
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    I'm not familiar with dvd decorder, however two of the more popular and trusted rippers are SmartRipper and DVD Decryptor. If you are ripping your dvd's to view them directly from your HDD then I would use DVD Decryptor. It is pretty straight forward, defaults to movie files and english audio.
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    It depends on what program you are using. Usually, when ripping a dvd, several audio tracks can be selected. The problem is that the audio tracks are not labelled. If you can select the first one, it is usually the host language. (USUALLY!)

    Hope this helps, for more info visit www.vcdhelp.com


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    i meant to say DVD Decryptor, im currently at school now, i was in WEB PAGE DESIGN when i first posted this thread, now i'm in the library during lunch, i didn't remember the program i used...