DVD/CD ROM wont write data files. But burns audio ???

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by rogman47uk, Jul 7, 2002.

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    Packard Bell i-media running XP Home Edition. My dvd/ cd rom used to work great and even now rips and burns audio cd's when using my River Media Jukebox with no problems. The problem is it wont burn files or folders as it didin thye conventional screen. When I open up the Q drive (cd-rom) I notice that the 'erase this cd' function that was there has gone, and I am left with the 'burn files to cd' function only. When I click on this after dragging files I want to copy to cd, the cd writing wizard opens ok but when I click next a box comes up asking me to put a cd-r in the drive when there already is one in there, it works if I put in a disc with something already on it but it wont read a blank. Also when I use the run command on the Q drive it will only run a disc with something on it. Any ideas.
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    just download and use NERO to burn your cd's.