DUKE DEMO in Manhattan

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by seeme, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. seeme

    seeme Guest

    ive just played the new duke, and as a die hard fan of this title i need to ask

    Q) I was a huge fan of the old duke, running around a 3d environment in duke 3d and playing multiplayer games. Is the new duke in manhattan game going to be JUST a platform game?

    or will it be a full 3d multiplayer game.
  2. seeme

    seeme Guest

    i guess i should have asked this question in a gaming forum on another web page guys?????
  3. Phantom

    Phantom Guest

    It's just platform (in 3D, kind of) and there is no multiplayer.
  4. GraveLayer

    GraveLayer Guest

    Just downloaded it today and will try it out at home tonight.

    Was there anything better than kicking the dead monsters head through the goal post in the original!!
  5. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    I think this gmae is something they had to licence to keep the development of DN4 going ;)
  6. TomR

    TomR Guest

    I'm not personnely a great fan of Duke Nukem, but I must admit this is quite the free time filler.

    Although its pretty annoying when you jump from one ledge to another and manage to land on a pigcops head, only to discover a few seconds later you automatically get thrown off his head over the ledge of the platform. :D
  7. NetRyder

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    New York City
    Uh oh ... it won't install on my box. Running XP Pro BTW ... I get some sort of .msi error :(

    Anybody have any idea what's going on??
  8. NetRyder

    NetRyder Tech Junkie Folding Team

    New York City
    Here's a screenshot ...
  9. TomR

    TomR Guest

    Perhaps you have a bad download, maybe you could try the compatiblity wizard who-jit. Ill look through the help file and report back with any ideas.

    EDIT - Heres list of possible problems and solutions taken from the support site:-

    0. This may require manual installation of Windows installer 2.0

    1. Make sure Idriver.exe is not running (Use Ctrl-Alt-Del to view Task Manager, and look for IDriver.exe under "Processes". If it is running, end that Process.

    2. Make sure Installing location/destination from/to is not unwritable/ unreadable, and that there is enough disk space etc.

    3. Conflicting applications running/system files locked - solution close apps before running install

    4. Make sure SP 2 installed (Win 2000), and if still fails, reinstall Service Pack 2. (or later if it exists)

    5. run the .msi file, instead of setup.exe

    6. Run 'instmsiw.exe' as mentioned above in order to correct dodgy WI install

    7. NTFS partition installed with the short file name creation disabled?
    In registry:

    8. Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services and stop the windows installer service before installing instmsiw.exe

    9. Make sure that the system C:\winnt or C:\windows or C:\windows\installer directory (or equivalent) is not using NTFS encryption. Right click the folder name and choose properties. At the bottom of the General Tab is the "Advanced" button. Click it, make sure that "Encrypt contents to secure data" is unchecked.

    10. Make sure in the registry
    reads similar to

    C:\WINNT\System32\MsiExec.exe /V

    The difference being the possible location of the system "C:\windows" instead of "C:\winnt" for example


    ** In my case this one was the problem **

    Make sure that the hidden directory C:\winnt\Installer is not encrypted and that the security settings on it allow for the current system user to have full control. (If administrator, make sure it hasn't inadvertantly locked you out as well). To do so, right click on the C:\winnt\installer folder (You may have to turn on view hidden files in Tools->Folder options in explorer.. Look under the view tab.) Go to the security tab and make sure the user in question has full access to this folder. (Note is it possible that the Administrator account could lock this folder, this would require the action of unlocking it through the tab before it can be used).

    To be sure you can
    Start->Run "cmd" to bring to the command prompt.


    C:\winnt\system32\cacls "C:\winnt\installer" /T /E /G Everyone:F
    C:\winnt\system32\cacls "C:" /E /G Everyone:F

    You may need to replace "C:\winnt" with the location of your os files. ie "C:\windows" etc.

    12. Reinstall Service Pack 2. It can be obtained from

    13. Try another application that uses Windows Installer 2. Microsoft Office XP, DirectX8 SDK, etc and any installer developed with Installshield 7.0 or higher)

    1. [/list=1]
  10. DeepBlade

    DeepBlade Guest

    haha ya i know, annoying, oh well, a pretty cool game... i thought it was gonna be a FPS though, oh well, it's just a future version of the original duke nukem, a side scroller
  11. GraveLayer

    GraveLayer Guest

    Well that wasn't even worth the time it took to download!

    Can you same LAME!!!

    Not even a FPS game!?!?

    TGF demos!