Dual Cable?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by stkootic, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. stkootic

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    I have cable access and so does my neighbor. We both share files across the wan but I am looking for a way to allow each others computers to use the others modem for even faster uploads and downloads. Any ideas?
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  4. I was going to ask a similar question to this....If I use a splitter and go to 2 cable modems, could I get double the bandwith?
    (not keeping in mind cable fraud:D)
  5. K thats what I thought......I guess road runners not THAT stupid......dang it! :)
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    Or is it your not that smart...just kidding..

    Hey, one question, so what happens when one modem pulls the IP and gets into a TCP/IP war with the other modem for ownership of the IP address?
    Just a thought, hope you thought of it too..:eek:
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    won't happen...ISPs use dhcp servers to dynamicly assing ip addresse. so that each computer has its own ip. if it does happen then both computers will get an error message and will have to request a new ip from the dhcp server. no 2 computers can have the same ip at the same time, on the internet.

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    It is possible to get double the upload speed, but it would require a local network (ie that really long Ethernet cable or a wireless connection) between the two computers and destributed computing. We do it all the time at work with our 4 T1 lines. We use destributed computing to get 4 times the download and upload speeds.
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    I have two cable modems and the bandwide is the same on both 3M down and 1.5 M up and each has there own IP.
  10. sweet......But the bad thing is I think its cable fraud, but nobodys gotta know.....:D
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    I guess it depends on what you use the modems for. The first connect is 30.00 and the sec is 19.00 i've had in both directions last month 851G if traffic so i get my monies worth.
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    or you can get WiFi and get a wireless DSL\Cable router and do it that way if its close enough in proximity. Linksys is my fav. and i have a BEFW11S4 myself.
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    Maybe I misunderstood, were you not saying, using 2 modems on 2 computers and having each utilize the other modem, as well as its own modem?

    Hey, just read what I wrote. I take my crow over easy...:rolleyes:
  14. heres my dilemma, one of my friends grandfather has about 6 computers. We want to play games and download stuff, browse internet etc. Well hes got road runner but he always has winmx goin with 60 dl/ul and were left with like 3kbs to share. I was wondering if I split into another cable modem, He could have on entirly to himself for winmx/other file sharing programs, and we could have one entirely to ourselfs for games etc. Thats my problem :eek:
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    Well its probably a little out of the normal computer user's price range, but there are some high end routers like the Symantec Firewall VPN 200R Appliance ($839) that have two WAN ports that will allow two internet lines to be used simultaneously for additional speed.


  16. well couldn't I just use 2 Cable modems?
  17. Geo

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    Yes you could use two modems. One config that I have like that is. I have two routers connected to each modem. each router has a different private IP. Staticly assign each machine and point to the right gateway"router" that you want that machin eto go out.
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    So how would it be wired to work? Would I use a router or even 2 for that matter or maybe a hub, but they each only have 1 upload port. How would I combine the bandwidth between the 2 modems into 1 download.
  19. Zedric

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    I would try:
    1. One computer as host, three NIC:s.
    2. Both modems connected to that one (one in each NIC, LAN in third).
    3. Router software better than ICS that can handle two or more WAN interfaces. Should be some out there.

    That way all requests would be balanced onto both modems, sharing the bandwidth optimally. One problem could be that the requests come from two different IP:s when seen from the outside (Internet side). I'm not sure how or if this is handled.
        Modem   Modem
          \       /
           Host PC
  20. So some software like winproxy or somthin On the host computer?
    Then both cable modems into host....one going out to my router?
    Sounds like a good setup