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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by batman, Jul 4, 2002.

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    I have just recently reformated my laptop to be able to run 2 operating systems.It now boots up and asks me which i would like to run.My c drive runs xp and operates fine,but my d drive runs 98 but wont recognise the graphics card,it defaults to run a standard vga and i cant change any settings ie:resolution or colours.xp recognises my card as s3gaphics chip and i was able to update to the new drivers to run xp.The laptop originally run on millenium and i upgraded when xp 1st came out and have never had any problems.So i tried installing millenium on d drive and because the grahics still defaulted tried to update the drivers but to no avail.the c drive with xp still works fine,help please
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    no errors shown.However ive tried installing games on c drive and none of them will start just says please re-insert disc and restart application or comes up with exe error.xp shows correct updated driver but i cant get any games to run,dvd runs ok,screen resulution and desktop and wallpaper ok.d drive just says unknown monitor standard vga device and i cant alter any screen settings.Ive tried updating the driver by manually updating ie:specifiying the location but it wont recognise it