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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by visualbyte, Apr 20, 2002.

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    Can anyone help..

    Is it possible to dual boot with Netware. as i need to set up a machine to work on my cna. but i would like to dual boot it with an xp machine.

    can it be done does xp have problems with novell partions.

    any pointers would be be greatly appricatted.

  2. gothic

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    I do not have any direct experience of Novell, but in theory this should be no problem at all. I dual boot XP with Linux and 98 and have no problems at all. I think you should install the Novell first, followed by XP. When XP is installed, if it doesn't pick up Novell then install a boot manager such as either Bootmagic from Powerquest, or System Commander from ?? somewhere!! both are fairly bulletproof, and will pick up virtually any other OS.

    Always back up any files you need to keep before experimentation begins.
    Good luck.