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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by simpat1zq, Jun 20, 2002.

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    I'm currently dual booting XP and win98.
    I was wondering if there's some program that I can run to shut down the OS that I'm running, and have it restart in the OS I choose.
    For example, right now I have XP as the default OS. Now let's say I'm running win98, and I want to restart again into win98, I want to be able to specify that when I shut down, not after it restarts.
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    Not that i'm aware of. I think I know of a workaround though. While running XP, open your boot.ini in notepad and save it
    as boot.XP, now change the default boot OS to 98, open boot.ini again and save it as boot.98. Now copy your boot.ini file to
    another location> delete boot.ini from your boot partition and copy it back from where you just saved it to (this is because
    it's a system/hidden file and this workaround wouldn't let you tamper with it without first stripping it of these attributes - deleting it is the easiest way).

    Now you need a couple of batch files. Open notepad, copy and paste the following into it:

    echo off
    del boot.ini
    copy boot.98 boot.ini
    shutdown -r -t 00

    Save this one as boot98.bat in the root boot directory (same place the boot.ini file is). Once there, right click on it and
    send a shortcut for it to your desktop - then you can rename it and change the icon if you like. A rundown of the commands
    "del boot.ini" deletes the existinting boot.ini file. "copy boot.98 boot.ini" makes of copy of the boot.98 file naming it
    boot.ini. "shutdown -r -t 00" this will shutdown your computer, the -r switch is a restart command and the -t 00 is a
    timeout command, set to zero in this case. You can omit this [shutdown] command line if you want to just manually shutdown
    your computer - if it's left in, it WILL shut you down immediately and restart your computer.

    Open notepad again and copy and paste in the following:

    echo off
    del boot.ini
    copy boot.xp boot.ini

    Save this one as bootxp.bat in the root boot directory. I'm not sure what shutdown command you can use in Windows 98 at the
    end of this file, maybe someone else knows what it is and can add to this. You can make shortcut to this batch file on your
    98 desktop.

    As you can tell, there are definantly variations on this theme - variables not taken into account - so you'll need to tinker around a bit to get what you want. You might want to make 4 batch files - a restart98.bat, a restartxp.bat, a boot98.bat, and a bootxp.bat<< the last two designed to just swap which os will boot next time around instead of restarting when executed. good luck.
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