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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Perris Calderon, Sep 8, 2002.

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    new york
    Well, I/ve had the pro for a coupla months now, and still haven't installed the thing...that's because I thought I was going to upgrade my laptop, and I jsut wanted to wait.

    well, I'm not upgrading my box, so I'm going to do a fresh install of pro.

    what I really want to do though, is dual boot pro with my home...then I'll be able to do some registry compares, and maybe come up with a coupla hacks that will be a boon to the homers.

    so, I've never done partitions, never done dual boots.

    can do?...or no can do?
  2. sparky

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    ok mate this is what u do ,go into the bios and make the cd rom the first boot device,boot into windows and stick the xp pro into the cd cancel anything that comes up. reboot and follow the on screen instructions you can then format /clean install/partition to your hearts content .after you have done this stick xp home in and reboot (cancelling again anything that comes onto the screen when you put xp home in)when you reboot choose a fresh install but when offered the choice where to put it use a seperate partition install it the normal way.is this what you want to know

    if you want to change what loads first then go to my computer right click on it choose properties then the advanced tab then click the start up and recovery tab to change or just change it from the dual boot screen when windows first boots up:cool:
  3. sparky

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    ok i think ive read u wrong if you have xp home AND you have a seperate partition just stick the xp pro in ,reboot (from cd rom)choose fresh install and look for the partition that you want to put xp onto (takes about 1.5 gb of space)mind to back up anything that you have on the partition :D
  4. 2z

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    Hi dealer

    think you may have create the partition first
    that way you can keep your existing home installation
    & you've got somewhere to install pro to
  5. Stircrazy

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    lol i did that once to check em both out and compare
    well they are makin it more confusin to me than it seems

    Format ...
    have 2 HD/or partitions
    install xp Home 1st on drive you want C:/D:
    then after your all done
    Install Pro on the other lol
    then uh when you turn it on it will ask with a black screen white writing Wich OS would you like to run
    use arrows to pick wich lol