Dual Boot - Is XP & ME possible >>?<<

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Pod, Aug 26, 2002.

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    Hey i am currently running Windows Xp Pro on my computer, does anybody know how i can put Windows ME on here as well? I've tried installing it from a Windows XP enviroment but i get error messages about XP being more up to date . I've tried installing it from MS-DOS at startup but i get a message near enough the same as that. _ ANy ideas>>??<<

    Thanks alot

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    Install ME first on your primary partition, then install XP where ever you want to.
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    You can use a Boot Manager like Boot Magic which will allow you to install ME after XP is installed but however you choose to do it you will need to create a separate partition for ME.
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    The only way to install both XP and ME is to install each one on a different drive or partition. Since ME would be installed second, you will need to edit your boot.ini file so that you can choose which OS to boot into during startup. If XP were to be installed second, it detects another OS on a different drive and automaticly makes the changes to the boot.ini for you. That may be a lot of work since you already have XP installed but make a mental note for next time.
  5. no if Me is put second it wont boot to it correctly just by editing boot.ini file, it needs bootsec.dos also which is setup to boot to Me from ntloader..... Me and all other 9x OS's don't use a loader like NT does without any other software helping, just MS stuff Me must be first loaded then Xp
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    thanks alot to all of you for your help