Driver Problems after Upgrade?!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pmcartney, May 3, 2002.

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    This isn't a question, unless a wizard knows the answer.

    Many posts in this section and many other boards have to do with some hardware/software that worked under Windows 9x but upon going to XP PRO, didn't quite work very well regardless of ram.

    Hardware that half works under XP:
    Trident MVP4(63) 64 bit video on MB chipset.
    There is no answer under XP, it uses a VxD file under 9x and XP doesn't like VxD reliant hardware. Vxd is for Virtual Device Driver.
    Yet XP includes one that fakes it pretty good.

    Mouse...yep under a built for 9x (including ME) same problem.

    Programs? Too numerous to mention.

    Now MS claims this happens to the XP PRO edition. They suggest using 2k drivers. This doesn't do anything but make it worse in things like DVD playback (kinda jerky vs very fast in 9x)

    Problem being VxD files have been around since 3.1 release of WIN so....anyone have a comment on this, since manufacturers have NO money making reason to make new drivers for these hardware and software problems? Software is easy. Hardware means more money.

    Does Windows XP HOME edition have this problem upon an upgrade? (Many think the myth if you install aspi drivers you are safe) XP PRO does. On the Compaq help boards there has never been nor will there ever be, an answer for this. I am sure other manufacturers dodge this issue due to lack of knowledge or lack of caring. Is XP Home less of a true 32 bit os than PRO?

    ANY takers on this?

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    I'm not sure how to go about solving all your problems at the moment

    As for XP home it is the SAME os as XP pro with a few advanced networking and file encrypting features left out...other then that they all share the same core system and files.
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    Thanks for the reply....I would recommend anyone with a machine that came with 9x that they clean install XP and dual boot.