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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by trellawny, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. trellawny

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    I have a yamaha 8824 scsi CD-RW, LSI Logic 53C810 card running XP Pro
    My problem is that, when using Drive Image 2002 to backup to CD-RW my burner is not recognised in DOS. Ive loaded the scsci drivers on the 2 boot disks but no joy. Any ideas would be welcome. thanx
  2. markpart

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    I want to image a Windows 98SE drive on to a Windows 2000 Pro system that was originaly also a Windows 98SE --yeah, I'm going back to the good old days when everything worked.

    Drive Image says that there new version works without going into DOS. Do they mean that I won't see DOS on my screen, or could this be an XP problem with DriveImage?

    My third PC is Windows XP Pro. No I won't be DriveImaging that one to Windows 98SE, but I've though about it. Please post here or email me what you learn about drivers or what else the problem could be.
  3. Ewen

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    Drive Image 2002 provides the opportunity to make a boot disk. It also makes a virtual bootdisk which it stores on your harddrive using it's own DOS. This enables your backup CD to aut boot. I am not sure of the exact procedure athis moment but if you look in the help file it will give you the whole procedure. It works perfectly and I use it on a weekly basis
  4. beatlesdb

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    Considering windows does not have DOS it may be difficult for it to recognize your drive - LOL - windows XP has DOS emulation only.
  5. trellawny

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    Then can you tell me beatlesdb why a creative 8432 ide CD-RW works with the same set up. Just thought you might know