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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kewlio, Jun 13, 2002.

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    I purchased this software and I would like to know how I can make a image of one of my partitions and then make a bootable cd with it so I don't have to use the rescue disks to boot to the cd then install. Is there any way to add them onto the cd in nero with the image so I don't have to use the floppy disks? If so how can I do this? I know how to make an image with this software already.

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    DriveImage 2002


    I just finished making an image of my Windows XP Home. I started the system up from the floppies and went through the whole writing process on CDRs...Make sure you disable or uninstall GoBack or the process will fail, if you have that installed...anyway, I deliberatly formatted the hard drive upon completion (it's a test system anyway) and popped the first CD in the tray, set the bios to boot from the CD-ROM first, and it booted up and installed the image successfully without requiring the floppy I can only assume (bad thing to do, I know) that the system files and program start up files are automatically copied to the CDR as's kinda of annoying having to swap CDRs back and forth, but it does work well nonetheless...hopes this helps!

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    Drive Image Pro 2002

    It seems my cd burner will not work when trying to burn the image to the disk through Drive Image Pro. I would like to just make an image in Drive Image Pro and then burn it to a cd in nero and make it bootable so that I don't have to use the Resuce disks to boot to the cd then restore the image.

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    I bought Drive Image 2002 and tried to make back ups to cd's and I kept getting "not enough memory" error. I tried everything they suggested without avail. I finally went with Norton Ghost.