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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Brando457, Aug 23, 2002.

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    When making a page in dreamweaver and trying to make a pargraph/nav bar of text i want text to be right under each other like here but when i do it,, it ends up like this, with the space between them how could i fix this and also if you know how to make a cool navigation bar like used on jediknightii.com that would be appreciated thanx in advance


  2. in code view put in a <br> tag after each item i had to figure that out too
    if you hit return it puts new set of <p></p> on each thus a line space
  3. SPeedY_B

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    i think Shift+Return puts a break instead of <p> in d/w
    (not 100% sure tho as i dont use it...)
  4. Brando457

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    thanx i got it working with the shift + return. Is there a way to make a uber cool menu bar on the left side?
  5. yea, use your creativity..........

    thats like climbing in your car in NJ and asking directions at the first gas station "how do i get to San Fransisco?" theres way to many routes.....
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    And a nice dollop of effects filters
  7. dieot

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    I would make little button pictures and then use the insert navigation bar feature to line them up and add rollover effects and such. DreamWeaver rocks. Thanks to Macromedia.