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Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by dltyrrell, Mar 4, 2002.

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    Hello Everybody,

    I am new at this. I would like to know how and where can I go to download music to my CDRW? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hey, I'm from California too. Fresno to be exact.

    First of all, you need a program to DL music from (i.e. Morpheus, Kazaa, IRC). I use audiogalaxy as it provides the best results for the music I look for (bay area rap). Once you have the music downloaded to your hard drive, you can use a recording program like Easy CD Creator or Nero, and burn to your CDR-W. Alot of folks have had problems using Easy CD with XP, however I have yet to experience any trouble. I believe MusicMatch also works well.

    If you want this music to play in a car or other CD stereo, you must use a CDR and finalize the disc. Hopefully this helps you out.

    Also, Nero has a good help file, just read that and it will put you in the right direction. Let me know if you need anymore help!
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    WinMX is simply the best because you can easily find high quality music on it. You can get from
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    Audio galaxy rules, that's the thruth, too bad it hasn't video, software sharing, among others..but it's good at it. As for the recording program, i personnaly like Nero more than any other. Quick, stable (at least with me), easy and it supports mp3 decoding to .cda. VEry nice, just download a demo from and see for yourself.
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    Or if you really want join a Fxp board there's lots out there and they have tons more to offer besides music....
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