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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Joe, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. Joe

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    Iv'e never had a download speed above 7 k with any provider, modem, or computer I have owned. 7 k is very rare and only happens around once a year for me. 5k is the usual. I have used download accelerators and internet boosters but only increased the usual by maybe 1k(used to be around 4). Does anyone know of a good way to increase my speed to at least an average of 7k or higher?

  2. Qumahlin

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    um if you are using a normal 56k modem..7k is the ABSOLUTE maximum..and thats if your connected at 56000

    56000/8 = 7000 which = 7k

    So thats your max, sorry man
  3. Get Broadband or switch to a provider that deals with duplexing modems. Try They have some no-frills, free online apps that perform registry hacks. That 5.4K download is what I used to get though. Theres really nothing you can do about it.
  4. ZAnwar

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    once i was downloading this 3 meg file on a 56k modem and it took me 1 and a half minute. The speed I was downloading at was 21.8k !!!!!
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    did u resume.. if so it was in cache heheh
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    I'm going on a new DSL service in Sweden... maxing around 400kb/s and they are going to double their downstream speed, so I'm not complaining...
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    How to get 3 more max speed (i don't know if it work with XP but it work with 9x and ME):

    Youc an download this file that change the registry and it will add 3 more max speed when you go in the properties of your modem.

    Registry change

    Or you can post a reply and i'll try to translate all the process to you, but it's long and the file does it all for you.

  8. Qumahlin

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    That registry change can up your max speed a little yes, but it can also DECIMATE your ping and cause massive packetloss I really DO NOT recommend using it...thats just my opinion from a networking standpoint, there is no need for a 56k modem to need port access of 961000, all it does it cause buffer problems and packetloss
  9. xenon1

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    has anyone else tested this patch?

    the best i can do it 4 .7 ever love to get more any one else help
  10. xenon1

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    the other question if i put in the reg and dont like it how can I take it out again
  11. existenz

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    Rechange all the values...

    You can view the registry file's values by right-clicking, then edit. It'll open in NotePad and you can see what it changed...
  12. XPBeta

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    i was getting 17k for like 2 days straight about 2 years ago on my 56k it was so f**ked up
  13. xenon1

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    ???? modems

    tried that reg change but nothing happened
    I have a pci modem whould that be the reason.
    in OZ we have the highest cost to use cable or higher,
    so the f 56k has to do.

    I can change these can one give me the best setting please

    Fast Retransmision support
    Simultaneous HTTP connections

    also the important factor what is the AT command to stop fall back speed whilest connecting