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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bastupungen, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. bastupungen

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    Hey fellas. I have a problem with IE 6...

    when i want to download something then the download screen appears and i choose where to download it. It starts to download and soon the download finished screen appears. when i choose open the file is very often corrupted. I have seen that IE wont download the entire file. This happends very often and its getting really frustating.

    Anyone know the source of this problem. I would be grateful for some help!
  2. yoyo

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    About half of the problems with IE can be solved by clearing temporary internet files. Try that and make sure that you have assigned enough disk space for the cache.
  3. leedogg

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    go to and run the tcp analyzer, then download and run the tcp optimizer tool. great site. should help analyze your net settings.
  4. Fenris

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    I’m having this problem too. I tried the and it didn’t help so I tried the optimizer tool that didn’t fix the problem. Right now i'm trying the optimizer on
  5. djepi

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    A simple idea iI know but if you've got IE to 'Empty TEmp Internet files on exit' then when downloading you'll need to keep a browser window open for the file to download properly.

    Hope this helps...!:)
  6. bastupungen

    bastupungen Guest

    the tools didn't help. ill try the broadbandreports...
    and no i didn't have the empty temp... on but thanks all for the info!