down load problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jona29, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. jona29

    jona29 Guest

    since yesterday every time i try to down load a file or try to use video chat room
    i get an error message saying that the web page or web site cant be found
    i cant even down load of windows update
    the message is the same
    the only program i can down load from is morpheus
    this works without any problems
    i have disabled the fire wall and lowered all the security settings but still no luck

    win xp
    on 56k modem
  2. OS-Wiz

    OS-Wiz Guest

    Some guesses: 1) your firewall is really still up, 2) reset all your security settings to the defaults . . .
  3. dosmastr

    dosmastr Guest

    got zone alarm?
    check in the "programs" list
    if you have anything like "generic host for windows processes"
    or anything like that blocked then boom there ya go