dos/cmd windows close before I can read them

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PC-Dude, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. PC-Dude

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    Running XP Pro ... whenever I run a .bat file or some other command that a "dos" window pops up they always close quickly. I don't even get chance to read it. Anyone know why this happens? Thx
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Two ways I can think of to try.

    1/ Right click/edit. At the end add 'pause'. No quotes.

    2/ Right click/properties. Can't remember exactly but there should be something in there to stop it closing.
  3. PC-Dude

    PC-Dude Guest

    I use the pause and it works on the ones I can edit however some of the others that are not an editable .bat file this doesn't help ..... but thx for you help. I'll try the right click thing the next time i use one and try it out.
  4. NetRyder

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    If you open the command prompt from Start>Run and then run the batch file, the window doesn't close. That's an alternative to using the pause command at the end of the batch job.
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    Thanks Guys :)
  6. Howling Wolf

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    NetRyder is right, the only way not to see dos windows disappear is to run .bat files in command prompt ;)
  7. SPeedY_B

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    or use the /k switch (If I remember right that is :)) file.bat /k, but that requires you to either use start>run or create a shortcut to it :)