doom 3 alpha leak question (no I am not asking for a link)

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by osumarc, Nov 11, 2002.

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    I downloaded what I believe to be the alpha leak. Its 372 megs. Whenever I run the executable I get a dos box for about a second like it wants to extract it or something. Than nothing. Does anyone know if this is the correct size of the demo, maybe both of the files I downloaded are corrupt or something?
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    364 is what I saw/heard/got. I didn't play it though, the file was for someone else and from what Iunderstand he didn't have any problems with playing the demo.
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    there is a long thread about the game read it all also read this:
    Doom 3 E3 Alpha Tweak Guide
    by King Mustard

    Last Updated: 6th November 2002

    Loading Maps

    From the console, use the following commands:

    map e3/intro (Loads Intro Movie)
    map e3/e3_1 (Loads 1st Map)
    map e3/e3_2 (Loads 2nd Map)
    map e3/e3_3 (Loads 3rd Map)
    map fred/e3bathroom5 (Doesn't Work For Most People)

    Controls And Settings

    In the console, type: bindlist

    This will list all the currently bound keys and their functions. Use the page up and page down keys to scroll through the list. As long as you deleted the doomconfig.cfg before you started up, your settings should be pretty good.

    To change any of these settings, you can either type in different values from the console, or just manually change the doomconfig.cfg with a text editor.

    Popular Commands

    Displaying FPS

    In the console, type: com_drawfps 1

    Bump Mapping

    In the console, type: r_useStandardGL 0 (Bump Mapping ON)
    In the console, type: r_useStandardGL 1 (Bump Mapping OFF)

    Dynamic Shadows

    In the console, type: r_shadows 1 (Dynamic Shadows ON)
    In the console, type: r_shadows 0 (Dynamic Shadows OFF)

    Changing Resolution:

    r_mode 1 (400x300)
    r_mode 2 (512x384)
    r_mode 3 (640x480) (Recommended)
    r_mode 4 (800x600)
    r_mode 5 (1024x768) (For FAST computers ONLY)
    r_mode 6 (1152x864)
    r_mode 7 (1280x1024)

    NOTE: Changing resolution will not take effect until you either restart the game, or type: vid_restart

    Changing Bit Depth:

    r_colorbits 16 (16 bit Colour Depth)
    r_colorbits 32 (32 bit Colour Depth)

    Fullscreen On/Off:

    r_fullscreen 1 (Fullscreen ON)
    r_fullscreen 0 (Fullscreen OFF)

    Mouse Sensitivity:

    sensitivity x (Where X is a number between 1 and 10. The default is 5, although you can actually go higher than 10, but it gets kind of ridiculous.)

    Invert Mouse:

    m_pitch -0.022
    The default setting is m_pitch 0.022, all you need to do is add the negative sign.

    Third Person view:

    pm_thirdperson 1 (Third Person ON)
    pm_thirdperson 0 (Third Person OFF)

    Recording Demos

    bind F5 recordDemo (Start Recording)
    bind F6 stoprecording (Stop Recording)

    These two binds will give you keys for starting and stopping a demo, respectively. You can substitute in the keys you prefer, it doesn't matter. In this case, when you want to start capturing the action in the game, press F5. When you're done, press F6.

    The demo files are stored in your Doom_III\base\demos folder. They will be labelled incrementally, e.g. Demo001.demo, demo002.demo, etc. To play back your demo within the game, type playdemo demo001 (or whatever the demo filename happens to be).

    However, to get your demo into a movie format, there's a few extra steps.

    Making A Demo Into An AVI

    After you've got a good demo, type aviDemo (for example, aviDemo demo001).
    This will play back your demo while taking a whole bunch of screenshots. When it's done, exit the game and look in your "Doom_III\base\demos\demoname" folder. Depending upon how long your demo was, you could have anywhere from 100mb to 10 gigs of .tga files.

    Download this program and run it:

    From the program's main screen, in the Directory field, type in the path to your demo's screenshots folder. (The "Doom_III\base\demos\demoname" I described above). A quicker way is to click the "..." button and just browse to the directory.

    Change the file option from BMP to TGA. You should then see a list of all the screenshots appear in the "Files" field.

    Under "Output" options, type the path and name of the avi you wish to create (e.g., "C:\movies\doom3rocks.avi")

    Leave the default Frame and Key Rates (if any of you movie experts suggest a better setting, let me know).

    Click the create button. A new window will pop up, prompting you to select a video codec. I suggest you use Divx 5.0.2. After you click OK, the program will compile your .tga files together.

    After the window closes, you're done! Go to the target directory you specified, and watch your first Doom 3 movie =)

    Cheats / Hints

    In the console, type:

    God Mode: God
    Extra Health: Give Health
    Weapons: Give Weapon_x (e.g. Rocket Launcher, Plasmagun... although some of these will crash the game)
    Fly Through Walls: Noclip

    The keycode for the pad in Level 2 is "924"

    Updated 6th November 2002:

    Closing The Game, The Right Way

    Whilst in-game, look down at the floor to boost your framerate. This will release the stress on the graphics card/processor, therefore speeding up quit time. Then open up the console, and type Disconnect. This will remove the map/weapons etc from the computer. It will take upto 10 seconds to finish. Finally, type Quit. This will remove the game engine from the computer
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    There are different file sizes for it; and all of them work; unless it's fake. Some have compressed audio; some don't. Not sure what the deal is. But I extracted two archives with Winrar different size; and game is the same exact thing.
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    Can the resolution be pushes to 1600 or 2024?
  6. Nick M

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    " _mode 1 (400x300)
    r_mode 2 (512x384)
    r_mode 3 (640x480) (Recommended)
    r_mode 4 (800x600)
    r_mode 5 (1024x768) (For FAST computers ONLY)
    r_mode 6 (1152x864)
    r_mode 7 (1280x1024) "

    I really highly doubt it. You could try putting the value to 8 or 9; and see what happens.
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    as far as the weapons go, which ones DO work? im not at home right now so i was a bit curious. I was also wondering if the level that is shown in the intro with the scientist etc can actually be played on to look around. one other thing, is it me or does that intro end when its showing that monster looking around after showing that guy nailed to the ground?

    im really interested in tweaking around with this and seeing what i can do with it. still looking around to see if anyone has actually made any maps with the editor too
  8. egghead

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    when i try the game i get a box extracting lines of text

    if the writing is blue it should be the proper game

    update your drivers, you should get it to work

    if its a real dos box then it could be a problem with the file

    run a virus check

    hope this helps
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    OMG GIR FUGGIN OWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    GRR; or GIR or however; rocks :p :D :cool:
  11. Cairo

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    might be what your looking for

    Instructions for playing Doom 3 demo:

    1. Unrar (duh)

    2. In your Doom_III\base directory, open the runact.cfg file.

    3. Comment out the last line. In other words, add the "#" sign in front of the string "devmap $e3_intro" so it looks like the following:

    #devmap $e3_intro

    4. Launch the game using the main exe.

    5. Press the tilde key to bring down the console (just like Q3)

    6. Type the following: exec runact.cfg

    7. Hit enter, and then go grab a soda. Seriously, it takes about 5 mins to load all the doodoo.

    8. Once it is done, you can launch the intro movie, or play yourself.
  12. rettahc

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    you need to either rename the file so that it has a .rar extension, or just open the archive with winrar.
  13. Octopus

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  14. lol you haven't seen the demo running have you. It runs like an absolute dog on my computer, check my specs below.
  15. ZAnwar

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    What do you mean by fast, mines a Athlon 1.4GHz, it runs fast, is it is quite enough ?
  16. ZAnwar

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    ****ing hell!!!!!!!
  17. koko

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    Columbia, S.C.
    sorry Cairo, but you've got it wrong.

    if you type exec runact.cfg into the console, you'll be loading everything into ram and the game will run like crap.

    DO NOT TYPE exec runact.cfg INTO THE CONSOLE...

    after double-clicking the exe file, bring the console down and load either the intro movie or one of the three maps.
  18. Cairo

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    sorry koko m8 but there are probably diff versions of the demo out there

    if i run the exe and drop the console and type in a map level or the entry video command it drops back to the desktop wiith a memory error

    also before i run the runact.cfg the demo is only 300 odd meg after i type it into the condsole the ghame extracts and i have a 900 meg demo ...... and it dosnt run like crap TBH its fairly smooth until it gets busy on the screen but that is in 640x480 wich is a criminal waste o me system
  19. koko

    koko Got Root?

    Columbia, S.C.
    hmm, was unaware there were different versions floating around....sorry.

    the file i d/led was about 364mb and unpacked to about 1.2gb.

    i was able to play the version i got in full screen mode.

    scariest game i've ever played in my life! :eek:
  20. Cairo

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    tis indeed a five pairs of underpants demo :)