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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by forcer, Jul 27, 2003.

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    this is the only suitable forum to post, i did contact my hosting company but the guy must be on vacation or something because he usually offers instant support but hasnt replied for about a week.

    ok so my domain is

    the namesevers for this domain are @ because this is where i manage my domain as i have 2 servers.

    the main domain points to my main server using ip pointing.

    i created a subdomain on the control panel to link to

    for some reason i got the IP's messed and now instead of going to my site main page it takes me to that apache is successfully installed page.

    which can be accessed here...

    and if u put ~forcer on the end for acount name it goes to my main page.

    i want to link to

    but through IP forwarding. the IP is ::

    but when i forward it to that IP it goes to the main apache page instead of my home page.

    can any1 offer me asny help. thanx
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    not sure how do i get t the apache config, all i found was apache config on my cpanel