Dolby Surround Problems

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by JayCool, Dec 24, 2001.

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    For a long time, while using both Windows 98 SE and Windows Millennium, I was able to hear dolby surround by running a chord out of my computer to my Philips Surround sound sytem (left speaker, right speaker, rear left speaker, rear right speaker, and center channel). My system toggles through different speaker configurations, (dolby surround, dolby center phantom, dolby 3-stereo, and stereo). When I play a DVD, my stereo doesn't seem to pick up the surround sound, because when the stereo is set to "dolby surround", the sound will only come out of the center channel. I have tried playing around with the settings of PowerDVD XP, and gone into the speaker settings in the control panel of Windows XP. I have tried every single setting in the menus, and I have had no success! Also, PowerDVD doesn't have the option of outputting 5 speaker, which is what I have. Can anyone help?
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    if it helps, i have an AC-XG sound card, and I have also installed the updated sound drivers for my yamaha card.