Dolby digital on sounblaster live 5.1

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by zoyvod, May 5, 2003.

  1. zoyvod

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    I recently bought the creative inspire 5.1 5500 digital
    My soundcard is a soundblaster live 5.1 .I have the latest drivers for XP and I set the posotioning of AudioHQ to 5.1 speakers with only digital output ticked.I connected the decoder of the speakers from coaxial to every single output of my soundblaster but I can't enable the dolby digital in the decoder.the indication on the decoder stays to stero or dolby surround it doesn't go to dolby digital.During games or music the sound comes from 5.1 but with power DVD for example and a dolby digital DVD I can't listen the dolby digital.Does anyone have an idea or a solution ?
  2. Krux

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    is it a SB live!? if so on the card does it say 5.1 dolby digital in gold lettering? if not then it doesn't have the AC3 dolby digital deconder on the card and it might be the SB live! value.
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    Thats right mine has the gold letters saying dolby digital 5.1 :)
  4. zoyvod

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    The card is a sounblaster live! 5.1 player.I really don't remember if it has the D.D logo but how can I find out?the card is old.
    You say that it may not support dolby digital?Then why does the card say 5.1?
  5. zoyvod

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    ok I bought the soundblaster live 5.1 digital which has the dolby digital logo on it.I connected it with the inspire 5.1 digital speakers to the coaxial input and the spdif cable from my dvd to the spdif -in of the card.In the manual of the speakers says that when you put a dvd with D.D the speakers automatically detects the signal and turn the indication of stereo to D.D.Unfortunately nothing happens
    Please help.