Does this make sense to anyone here?!

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Mainframeguy, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Yes , makes perfect sense to me

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  2. Nope, you've lost the plot - this is tooo weird!

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  1. Mainframeguy

    Mainframeguy Debiant by way of Ubuntu Folding Team

    London, UK
    I've done my share of builds and customisation - not a hard core modder, gamer or anything....

    BUT the one that I have found the most satisfying of them all has been this:-

    around Christmas a friend mentioned in passing that if I came by a PC they could have "for free" (IE ZERO spend!) then to let them know....

    now before this I had already been in the habit of picking up machines I saw by the roadside discarded and lugging them home to canibalise (old memory sticks being premium price etc etc, plus just being slightly "green").... so I already had the odd NIC and 4GB HD floatin around.... then I came by a Tiny 600Mhz PII with memory intact, minus HD and optical and anything PCI, but with AGP and rest more or less OK, plus I had serial mouse and al cheapo keyboard.... anyway put bits together, swapped out floppy, added Modem and NIC card, threw in My old Edimax Router incase they get smart and go broadband; made the ONLY spend of £8.60 for optical drive plus mains lead and installed SUSE 10.... Voilá - a basically Free comptuer for my friend to dip their toes into new technology....

    For some reason I find this far more "exciting" (or maybe "satisfying" is the right word) than my new X2 4200 with 2GB DDR upgrade reformatted....

    Next to my recent re-acquisition of a turntable to play vinyl again after 20 years of lugging my vinyl around this is the most exciting thing to me just now, but it puzzles me, am I weird, or can anyone else here understand why this should be?
  2. tom9042

    tom9042 OSNN Senior Addict Folding Team

    New Jersey
    You hit the nail on the head when you said "satisfying".

    That's probably why many people like to build their own PC's.
  3. ejn74

    ejn74 Folding Master! Political User Folding Team

    Western Iowa
    It is very satisfying. I am about to do something similar for a friend of mine.
  4. Steevo

    Steevo Spammer representing. Political User Folding Team

    I gave a machine the 911 assault with a screw driver, then beat the piss out of it with it's own PSU. But kept the RAM, HDD, NIC, and Processor as the rest was crap.

    We go back a long ways. And it's demise allowed the entrance of my current machine. And I had nothing better to do while the database updated.
  5. falconguard

    falconguard Carbon based lifeform Political User Folding Team

    You need a nice relaxing hobby:eek: :laugh:
  6. Vanquished

    Vanquished Mr. Bananagrabber Political User

    My towns transfer station is perfect for this, they have a huge dumpster type ting with shelves and stuff where people bring old computers, I found a 20" samsung lcd monitor there... Free... as well as hdds, psus, drives, processors, etc... never really did much with them, gave them to a friend to fiddle with. Kept the monitor though :)