does compatibility mode works anyway?!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by blake, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. blake

    blake Guest

    Hi people,
    I was wondering whether the compatibility mode works? It doesn't see to be though especially for games. Like
    Zeus and dungeon keeper.
    If what the name(compatibility mode) says then it shouldn't have a problem.
    The games either won't start or comes out with a Send Error Report thingy?!
    Anyone care to help me out here?!
  2. LiquidMorph

    LiquidMorph Guest

    compatibility mode worked for me with NFS: Porsche Unleashed... try searching for some patches for the games you're trying to play...
  3. koko

    koko Got Root?

    Columbia, S.C.
    i think compatibility mode is all hype. i've attempted on several occasions to use it to play older games (win98) and it has never worked.
  4. blake

    blake Guest

    well maybe in some other games newer ones?!
    if i still need a third-party patch then i dont think it lives up to its name....
    :eek: )