does anyone have this problem with KaZaa?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by iForceTundra, May 24, 2002.

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    ive noticed that KaZaa takes up near a gig of space, when i look into Add/Remove programs,

    i've spotted where they hid all the stuff...
    C:\WINDOWS\Temp\sys32 .... ive found out that they stuck a bunch of stuff in here, i deleted them all and it got back all that space,

    but ....

    when i restart my machine , from the boot up, it will put the ads back in there, is ther any way to stop this?

    paul m
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    I had Kazaalite and i still got the benjamin worm. It's a bitchin worm. It keeps adding files. Norton gets rid of it though.

  5. add/remove says it uses 939 MB on mine, but I can't find a C:\Windows\Temp directory as an indication of the benjamin worm. Do I have the benjamin worm?
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    When you look in the Add/Remove progy dialogue, the size also reflects the media that you have in you "Shared Docs" folder in Kazaa, or kazaalite. So everytime you download something into your "Shared Docs" folder in your kazaa folder it get's addedt to the total.
  7. I have nothing in the folder and it says 939MB. That can't be right.
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    I use Kazaa and my uninstall says 4.48Mb

    I am using Norton Internet Security though, and have removed all the spyware from Kazaa.

    When you remove the spyware though, it will report kazaa is broken.

    U need to search for cd_clint.dll. That is a dummy version of the spyware which I managed to get.
  9. I have the dummy dll. It still says 939.
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    yeah seems i got da worn n all! cheers for da solutions 4 gettin rid of it (n i use kazaa lite btw)
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    The worm is transmitted through the kazaa network, not the actual program file. So kazaalite and kazaa are both prone to getting it :eek:!

    As for the sace..i dunno.. prolly worm :s